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Created Equal

Project Summary

Genre: Like a contemporary NORTH BY NORTHWEST with a SciFi twist

On the eve of his 35th birthday, Dylan Reinnerssen has got it made. He's the anchorman for a Nightline style news show and he just got the word that his show is being bumped up from a half to a full-hour time slot. His wife Linda is smart and sexy, and even after five years of marriage, they are still very much in love. It all starts to unravel when he intervenes in a mugging gone sour and gets shot in the chest for his efforts. He is rushed to the hospital, but by the time he arrives, he is covered with blood but there's no bullet wound... only what looks like a very old scar on his chest. Panicked, he runs from the hospital into a nightmare that's only just beginning.

His wife tries to convince him that he must have gotten knocked on the head and misremembered what happened. He has just reluctantly accepted her explanation when he goes to hang up the coat he'd been wearing that night. And there is the bullet's exit hole, right in the middle of its back! Desperate to know the truth, he deliberately slices open his hand, then watches in utter astonishment as the wound miraculously heals.

Upon hearing this, an old friend tells Dylan she works for a secret lab and that several years ago she'd illegally given him an experimental regeneration drug in order to save his life after a car crash. Something about the gunshot or its treatment last night apparently "reawakened" this drug's activity. The problem is that Dylan's metabolism is now so accelerated that unless he gets the drug's "antidote" he'll age to death in under a week! Dylan is taken to this secret lab for treatment, but before he can get it, his wife Linda breaks him out, telling him that the lab's director has ordered Dylan's "termination." Under Dylan's angry cross-examination, she confesses that she works for the lab too. And though she insists she truly does love him, she admits that their marriage is a lie, but what's more... so is his entire life, which she claims consists completely of implanted memories.

Not willing to believe her, he refuses her help and finds himself alone and on the run, hunted by the lab's security force, aging weeks for every passing hour. He doesn't know what's real any more, who to believe, or even who he can trust. There is only one thing he knows with certainty: the only people who can save him... are the very ones who want to kill him.


Soul Assassin
The Unsaid
Princess of Thieves
Murder in Mind

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