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Project Summary

Genre: Historical/Romance/Fantasy

Writer: Kenneth Schafer

Logline: Set in pre-Elizabethan England, Greensleeves seamlessly mixes historical fact with the magical lore of Celtic mythology in a timeless story of romance, betrayal and true love.

The young King Edward VIís upcoming 16th birthday spells the end for the seven year reign of the Regency Council that has ruled in Edward's name... something which the Duke of Northumberland, who heads the Council, will do anything to prevent.

When his attempt to have Edward murdered on the battlefields of Scotland is thwarted by the mysterious Lady Greensleeves, Edward and his elder half-sister (the future Queen) Elizabeth must unravel the web of magic and deceit that Northumberland has woven... and uncover the truth of Edward's mysterious love, and the terrible secret she holds.


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