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The Second Horseman

Project Summary

Genre: Supernatural Thriller in the same vein as THE OMEN or THE OTHERS

Budget: Max 15M British Pounds Sterling (depending on final cast)

Director: Laurence Malkin

Logline: SEVEN meets THE SIXTH SENSE in the abandoned, Appalachian coal fields of West Virginia.

ADAM, an aspiring reporter for CNN, is eating Christmas dinner with his mother when a package arrives at the door. It contains some clothes, a mobile phone, and a small wooden box. His mother opens it to reveal two bloody eyeballs -- they belong to her estranged son, David. The killer included a note, which says: The Time Is Near.

Determined to find the man who murdered his brother, Adam searches the package for clues. He comes up empty handed until he gets a call on David's mobile phone. The voice of a panic-stricken woman leads him to a small, forgotten mining town in Jolo, West Virginia. When he arrives the woman is dead. As Adam begins to investigate, not only does he come to suspect that she has been murdered, but that both the woman and his brother have been murdered by the Second Horseman of the Apocalypse.

In addition to Adam, there are a number of other great roles: KEISHA, a Ph.D. student who is doing her dissertation on the myth base of the Second Horseman; SHELBY, a white, Pentecostal preacher who is engaged in a budding holy war with MUHAMMAD, a black Muslim minister; SHERIFF ROBERTS, the local lawman who walks on both sides of the property line; and RICHARD, an award winning newsman and Adam's boss at CNN. All of them become suspects as Adam begins to lose his mind amidst an ever-darkening world of terror.


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