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Rain on the Wind

Project Summary

Genre: Drama

Among the fishermen of the Claddagh area near Galway Bay, the most beloved and respected of all was the man they called the �King.�? He was their captain and chief. It was he who led them out of the harbor when they set sail and he who made the decision when it was time to pull up nets and head for home. Commercial trawlers have long since replaced the Claddagh fishermen. This is the story of their last King.

Things didn�t start out easy for Mico Mor. Born to a life that would become obsolete in his time, he wasn�t bright, but possessed great strength and heart. He might have been considered handsome, were it not for the large birthmark on his face. �He�s God�s ugly little joke,�?his mother Delia would say to the neighbors while she lavished all her attention on his older, smarter, and more attractive brother Tommy. Tommy had been blessed with everything Mico had not. Tommy was the smartest and the most handsome of the Claddagh boys. Delia knew Tommy was her best chance to get her family out of the miserable, soon to be extinct fishing community, but Mico was trouble. Something would have to be done about him . . .

According to the Irish Independent, it �is a raw, savage story full of passion and drama set amongst the Galway fishing community...it is the story of romantic passion, a constant struggle with the sea, with poverty and with the political conservatism of post-independence Ireland.�? "Rain On The Wind" portrays the transformation of an ugly duckling into a swan as he finds his way in a hard, cruel world.


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